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backpackyourkids-paris-eiffel-towerSam’s head is in the clouds, feet on the ground for Raf. They met and alchemy operated…

Raf offers Sam to come down from her cloud and share his life on earth…

Sam agrees at only one condition… She will neither need a solitary nor a big house with a garden or a luxury car (Raf has not the means anyway!). She just wants one thing: to continue to travel as soon as the opportunity arises!! Raf is ok.

From their adventures are born Dayi and Yas. The family continues to travel, but this time the suitcases are 2 times heavier, hiking are shorter (sometimes non-existent) and pee breaks multiplied by 10!!

But despite all that is happiness!!

The IRYS family invites you to share their travel experiences on earth.

Welcome to the universe of Sam, Raf, Yas & Dayi.

If you have any questions do not hesitate. 😉

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